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How to Create the Ultimate Cheese Board

You need a few golden rules to make an awesome cheese board. I’m somewhat a cheeseaholic so I’ve definitely had my fair share of chances on how to put one together. Follow these golden rules to making a Pinterest worthy cheese board.

First thing’s first, start by picking a few cheese boards that will be your go to, I usually make one that

Crunchy- things like fresh apples, nuts, crackers

Salty- olives, pickled items, look for some fun ones

Sweet- my go to is always a nice dark chocolate or candied pecans

Unexpected- Honeycomb is always a fun wow factor, I also like to include some unusual jams and jellies, don’t be afraid to ask the grocery store clerk to help out and point you in the right direction of what’s popular

Now how do you choose cheeses for your cheese board. There are so many possibilites, one thing a cheese plate can get is expensive pretty fast. I always start with a few staple cheeses like an aged cheddar, a smoked gouda, and a brie, you can find some cost effective brands for these types and they are definitely crowd pleasers. I then add on a few personal favorites, for me, there is a black truffle cow’s milk cheese that I absolutely LOVE, that one always makes it on my board. I then am sure to choose a sheep’s milk or goat’s milk cheese, for those, a simple young 3 month manchego is the way to go…NOTE: 6 and 9 month aged manchego are great and tasty but the textures gets to be a little too much like parmesan. Goat cheese comes in so many fun flavor combinations, you can’t go wrong with adding one or two of those. Enjoy! and just remember, you can’t go wrong with cheese :)

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