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Freetail OktoberFiesta Mexican Beer Brats

Updated: May 28, 2019

Living in San Antonio it’s so easy to see the Mexican Influence all around, after all for a very long time this city was in fact in Mexico. From the riverwalk, the plazas, and even the street names, the beauty of Mexico is all around. However, growing up in Market Square I always remember hearing my dad talk about all the different cultures that actually coexisted in Market Square, a small section of downtown, but when you’re a kid I admit that you are only half way listening to a lot of these stories and it wasn’t until I was much older that I realized he was reciting a little bit of history.

If you go to Market Square now in downtown San Antonio, you see lots of Mexican influence, in fact it’s where my family’s restaurants are and we serve over a million guests a year, plates of delicious Tex Mex and Mexican Food. As you walk through the pathways lined with papel picado, the ornate paper flags hanging overhead and you see the street vendors selling crafts and foods you almost forget that this placed housed so many different cultures.

Way back when this area was probably the most multicultural hub in the city because it was also the produce terminal of San Antonio, there were German Settlers, Lebanese immigrants, Chinese immigrants and much more. Earlier this month we held a one day festival to celebrate our German and Mexican roots in the city down here in Market Square and I had some fun turning some traditional German food favorites with a little Mexican twist. So if you’re somewhat over pumpkin recipes, here are a few to shake it up this October. I made these earlier this month on our local daytime show, SA Live.

Freetail OktoberFiesta Beer Brats

4 Bratwurst, I used smoked Kiolbassa

Flour Tortillas

½ Onion Sliced

Grainy Mustard or Mustard Seeds

Light Mexican Beer- we used Freetail Brewery Oktoberfiesta

  1. In a pan heat up 1 TBSP of canola oil, add in the onions and cook until they begin to carmelize. Add in the Bratwurst and let them get browned on each side.

  2. Add in the Mexican beer and let them simmer until the beer is almost gone.

  3. Serve sliced up in a tortilla with the carmelized onions, some of the whole grain mustard and enjoy.

Mexican Beer Cheese

1 Cup of meltable cheese, velveeta

½ cup Sharp Cheddar Shredded

1 TBSP Stone Ground Mustard

1 Cup of Mexican Beer- we used Freetail Brewery OktoberFiesta

½ Onion sliced

1. In a crockpot add, 1 Tbsp of canola oil, and slowly cook the onions for two minutes.

2. Add the beer, then velveta, cheddar, and mustard.

3. Let everything melt together on low, serve alongside pretzels or potato chips

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