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DIY Sugar Skulls- 3 Ingredients

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Dia de los Muertos has become increasingly popular now that Disney and Pixar have made movies that explain this holiday for kids. This activity is so easy for kids and extremely simple for adults to prep. There are only three ingredients and the other two items I ordered from Amazon Prime, I’m and addict I can’t help myself, I’ve linked the two other items you’ll need from them down below. Also, the history of sugar skulls is interesting, bc in Mexico when they decorate altars for the day of the dead they put these sugar skulls out on the altars and tombstones and when it rains, the skulls melt away.


6 cups of Sugar

6 Tablespoons of Meringue Powder

6 Tablespoons of Water

Cut up pieces of Cardboard, I cut up my Amazon Prime Box where my items came in.

To Decorate:

Glitter Glue Pens, Sequins, Beads, Gem Stones etc.


  1. you’re going to add all the items in a bowl and mix well, so that the mixture resembles wet sand, press firmly in to the mold, I have linked below. The larger mold I have linked takes about 3 cups of sugar to make 1 large sugar skull, the smaller ones should take much less.

  2. Note, if you live in a particularly humid climate or it’s raining outside it may take up to a two days for these to dry, the good news is, you can make these as far in advance as you like and they will be even better. I let them dry about a day because San Antonio is typically humid.

  3. once the sugar mix is pressed in the mold, hold the cardboard on the other side and flip it over, it should come right out. If it doesn’t come out, then you’ve added too much water, make the mix less wet by adding 1/2 cup more sugar.

  4. Let the skulls dry in a dry area for at least 24 hours, You can let kids decorate with feathers, glitter glue pens, sequins, and beads, pretty much anything you have.

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