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Autumn Apple Cider Mimosas

Who said mimosas can’t take on something besides orange juice. Especially with this fall weather that we’re finally having, it really puts me in the mood for apple season. This cocktail is easy, basically because it’s a mimosa, it’s also nice that you can change the ratio of champagne to apple cider depending on how strong you want it. Personally I always go for 2/3’s champagne and 1/3 juice, it makes for a nice balance. We topped these mimosas with some fun sugared cranberries, you can have these out for a bar garnish during the holidays or even top a cake with them or add them to a cheese board, they’re one of those fun items that you can find a dozen different uses for.

Sugared Cranberries

2 Cups of White Granulated Sugar

2 Cups of Water

1 Bag of Cranberries

1-1.5 cup of Sanding Sugar, you’ll find this either with the other sugars or baking items, they look like sprinkles

Bring the Granulated sugar and water to a boil, you’re going to let it reduce until it looks like a syrup.

Add the cranberries and let it cook for approximately 3 more minutes.

Have the sanding sugar on a plate or a cookie sheet, use a slotted spoon to take the cranberries out of the syrup and roll them around on the cookie sheet in the sugar.

Once they are coated transfer the cranberries to another cookie sheet lined with parchment paper or my favorite a silicone mat, like the one here. These are a life saver when it comes to easy clean up.


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